The Education & Football Foundation

The Education & Football Foundation

The Education & Football Programme was first developed in 2016 alongside Sporting Duet FC, an established grassroots football club based in London with over 1,000 registered players.

Although the club has overseen the development of some excellent talent with great potential, the sheer numbers of players competing for places within professional clubs results in many players dreams being dashed when a decision is made as to whether a professional contract will be secured.

Sporting Duet FC realised that they were having as much of an impact on their young players off the pitch as on it, and felt it their duty to encourage and support players to continue developing their football whilst not losing focus on their education.

Sporting Duet FC started to provide a safe, supervised working environment where players could come to do their homework before their training session to ensure they kept up with their schoolwork. This was well received by parents and players which encouraged the club to further develop the concept by starting a Charity that would provide the same support to players from all backgrounds as well as their own.

CHARITY TRUSTEES: Zeina Wand (Chairwoman), Sarah Stingelin (Treasurer), Racha Mohsen, Mat Angels & David Wilson

Education & Football Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales (charity number: 1181712)

Main Objectives

Providing professional and Safe drop-in football sessions for Players of all backgrounds and abilities , to help promote social intergration .

Encouraging players to find a balance between their football and their education by teaching them important life values through football to help them in any walk of life.

Supporting parents by offering subsidised subscription fees to ensure every player can continue to develop their passion for football.


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